M.M Akbar is a Muslim scholar, writer, charismatic public speaker from Kerala, India.He is the Director of Niche of Truth, Editor of Snehasamvadam Magazine, Managing Director of Da'wa Books and Managing Director of Peace Educational Foundation. . He had lots of Debates with prominent Hindu, Christian and Atheist scholars on Islam. He has given hundreds of talks with open dialogues at various parts of India and abroad.


MM Akbar uses one standard for Quran and Another for Other Religions

Kadavathoor, the popular Sunni Imam of Kerala, had pointed out in his talk that MM Akbar had changed his views on Allah himself (

Initially, when critiquing Hinduism, MM Akbar alleged that to say God has a body amounts to erroneous belief system (>all Books List>Haindavatha Darmavum Dershanavum). MM Akbar now has changed his view and believes that Allah has a body.

While critiquing the Christian faith, MM Akbar had used liberal sources. However, when Christian apologists, Sakshi Apologetics Network, approached MM Akbar to debate both on the Quran and the Bible using the same method, MM Akbar refused to debate. As per Sakshi Apologetics Network, this amounts to double standards.

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